1. 1Password Cracking Challenge - Part 1

    I had this idea for the 1Password cracking contest. The contest is a brute force hash cracking contest. There are 7 three-word passwords that need to be cracked. Finding even one is enough for ...

    Tagged as : security
  2. Duplicating UDP Streams to Dark Deploy Services

    When developing new code swapping out services, it is often useful to do a dark deploy of the new code and activate it at a later time. If you plan ahead, activating and deactivating a new compontent can be done easier than completely replacing a component. Especially if the replacement ...

    Tagged as : devops
  3. What Judo Says About DevOps

    There is a lot in common between judo and a philosophy of devops, agile development, and continuous integration and deployment.

    In judo, you can actually be too defensive. Judo is biased toward action and attacking. If you are too defensive, one of two things will happen. At worst you will ...

    Tagged as : devops
  4. Python Lambda Proxy for API Gateway

    This is a fun thing I experimented with in AWS, using Python/Lambda to proxy requests from API Gateway.

    Suppose you have a service running in a VPC somewhere in AWS. If you don't want to create an EIP or manage a proxy server, you can use API Gateway ...

    Tagged as : aws python



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